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Female, 25 years, born on 8 August 1994

Kyiv, willing to relocate, prepared for business trips

Junior brand manager

700 USD

Marketing, Advertising, PR
  • Brand Management

Employment: part time, project work, full time

Work schedule: flexible schedule, full day, shift schedule

Work experience 7 years 10 months

January 2012currently
7 years 10 months
Event organization manager

- Ukrainian - native
- Russian - native
- English - Advanced


- Communicability
- Stress resistance
- Endurance
- Creativity
- Critical mind - observation, ability to interpret, analyze, draw conclusions, the ability to give assessments. This thinking applies logic, and also relies on metacognition and broad criteria of intelligence. Creative imagination, value attitudes and less pronounced emotionality.

Helped to improve skills, develop a system and expand the range of activities

- 2012 - 2013 Teacher, choreographer | Ukraine and abroad
- 2013 - 2015 HR Manager | SBA, Pavlin agensy, individual orders
- 2015 - 2016 Personal assistant of director, event manager | OSKAR Event agensy
- 2016 - 2019 Account event manager | SUN Event agensy


- I am able to separate constructive criticism and words that are affected by personal emotional state
- I am able to see and take lessons from any situation and adapt to each emotional background within the team
- I can easily keep attention on several tasks at the same time and control the quality
- Developed a unique activation scheme super effort to achieve goals
- I can manage a lot of people
- Thanks to many years of (17 years) professional activity, I have high physical fitness


- I have successful experience in organizing closed events from 50 to 3000 people (inclusive for international audience)
- Thanks to the experience of foreign contracts, physical and emotional endurance, creativity and love for my work, I provide an event / product / service as closely as possible to the needs of clients / target audience
- I am able to identify the main elements of the world perception and mentality of the inhabitants (target audience) and use them effectively to improve the quality of the proposed event / product / service / program
- Honestly I provide a quality maximum, in difference of those who guarantee full satisfaction of all requests
- I am able to correctly compare and match the requirements of modern society, personal expenses and the amount of time to achieve the goal
- I have experience in such countries as UAE, China, Austria, Greece


2006 – 2010 School of Folk Dance named after P. Virsky | Ballet dancer

- Has mastered the basic techniques of performance, rotation technique and acrobatic paired support
- Reached professional level choreography, mastered the technique of dance on pointe
- Developed physical stamina
- Has mastered acting, classical ballet, folk stage dance
- During my studies performed at festivals and concerts in front of an audience of more than 1000 people

2008 – 2010 In addition, was engaged in ballroom sports

- Took only TOP places in competitions and championships (6 medals)

2009 – 2010 KEK | Junior Specialist | "Finance and credit"

- Mastered the document flow
- Learned to write fast and increased the speed of typing on a computer
- Developed perseverance, emotional endurance and patience
- Mastered office programs

2010 - 2012 Dance Studio named after P. Virsky | Ballet dancer

- Increased my qualification level
- Learned to withstand physical activity till 6 hours
- Improved acting skills, which allows you to hold the attention of the audience for a long time
- Traveled to contracts in foreign countries
- Thanks to this, I got acquainted with the mentality of local residents and learned to identify the main elements that are most attractive for this audience

2012 - 2014 NAMPCA | Bachelor | Ballet master, teacher of folk dance ensemble

- Teacher in the third generation
- Learned to create ballet performances
- Learned to build an algorithm of actions in training, taking into account personal characteristics

2015 School of Art Management of Vlad Troitsky | Art manager

- It allowed me to expand the scope of activities using professional skills

2014 - 2016 NAMPCA | Master | Choreographer, educator

- Improved the skills of ballet with a large number of artists
- I developed my own teaching method taking into account personal characteristics, which gives the maximum possible individual result in a short time

2017 Passed a two-day intensive event management in 24 subjects from Advertising school AD4EVENT

Key skills

Организаторские навыки
Публичные выступления
Творческое мышление
Умение работать в коллективе
Ведение переговоров
Управление персоналом

Higher education (master)




EnglishC1 — Advanced

RussianC2 — Proficiency

Citizenship, travel time to work

Citizenship: Ukraine

Desired travel time to work: Doesn't matter