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Male, 38 years, born on 9 May 1981

Dnieper (Dnepropetrovsk), willing to relocate (Netherlands, Russia, China, Australia, Poland, Slovakia), prepared for occasional business trips

Sales engineer

1 200 EUR

  • Sales Representative
  • Client Manager
  • Machine Tools, Heavy Equipment

Employment: project work, part time, full time

Work schedule: rotation based work, remote working, flexible schedule, full day

Work experience 12 years 5 months

February 2012currently
7 years 9 months

Electronics, Tool Engineering, Household Appliances, Computers and Office Equipment... Show more

Sales engineer
- B2B sales;
- contracts negotiation, complains negotiation;
- technical customers' support;
- new customers search
December 2010January 2012
1 year 2 months
Inspectorate Ukraine

Donetsk (Ukraine),

Business Services... Show more

- controlled tests of mechanical tools & equpment for mine ( such as reducers, winches, conveyors & theirs parts, etc);
- organized & controlled income quality control of different matterials (metals,electricity, etc.);
- prepared reports.
November 2006January 2009
2 years 3 months
Joint stock company ”Makeevka Metallurgical Plant”

Donetsk (Ukraine),

Metallurgy, Metalwork... Show more

Process Optimization Specialist/Foreman/operative of rolling-mill
- developed investment projects and administered implementation;
- optimized the planning of the plant reserves;
- developed technical details of new projects;
- analyzed inhouse model results and compared with competitors’
July 2003September 2004
1 year 3 months
Donetsk National Technical University (http://donntu.edu.ua)

Educational Institutions... Show more

- carried out scientific research;
- performed metallurgy industry analysis and reporting;
- prepared reports.
July 2003May 2004
11 months
Research and Production company Donix (http://donix.sksdesign.com)

Educational Institutions... Show more

- made analysis of new technologies and equipment;
- collected data and prepared reports on new technologies and equipment

Key skills

AC Drives, Servo Drives, Frequency Inverters, Decentralized Technologies
Contracts Negotiation
MS Office
Negotiation skills
Sales Skills
Technical Translation

Driving experience

Own car

Driver's licence category B

About me

- comunication skills;
- team worker;
- learning fast.
- technical accuracy;
- experience in Company, Product Presentaion;

Computer skills:
Office set (MS, 1C, CRM, etc)

Marital status:
Married, 1 children

Higher education

Specialist’s Degree in Metallurgical Engineering
Donetsk National Technical University,metal forming (rolling), Thesis:”Business Plan Development for Flatting Mill Construction”
Bachelor’s Degree in Metallurgy
Donetsk National Technical University,metal forming (rolling), bachelor's degree
School Diploma
Physico-Mathematical Lyceum of Makeevka, Ukraine, Most technical subjects were taught in English



EnglishC1 — Advanced

UkrainianC1 — Advanced

Professional development, courses

Sales and purshases manager
Donetsk State University
Permition to work in dangerous
Joint stock company ”Makeevka Metallurgical Plant” (www.makmet.com.ua)

Tests, examinations

British Counsil, English Language Test - score 7.0
Directorate of Internal Affairs, Interdistrict Registration and Testing Office
Directorate of Internal Affair, driving licence, category B

Citizenship, travel time to work

Citizenship: Ukraine

Permission to work: Belarus, Russia, Ukraine

Desired travel time to work: Up to one hour