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Male, 30 years, born on 4 November 1989

Belgorod, I want to relocate (Moscow, Uzbekistan, Ukraine, Mir, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Other regions, Belarus, Kyrgyzstan, Russia, China, USA, Germany, Georgia), prepared for business trips

Chief engineer, lead technologist, head of production project

105 000 RUB

  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Project Management
  • Metallurgy

Employment: work placement, part time, full time

Work schedule: flexible schedule, full day

Work experience 11 years

August 2016currently
3 years 4 months
ООО "ElectroPro" (production department of trading company S3)

Moscow Oblast,

Electronics, Tool Engineering, Household Appliances, Computers and Office Equipment... Show more

Chief tecnologist
ООО "ElectroPro" (production department of trading company S3)
Moscow Oblast, s3.ru
Chief tecnologist
-description of existing manufacturing processes-castings, stampings, Assembly, quality control.
-technological preparation of production-planning, calculations of cycles, capacities, materials, downloads.
-rapid introduction of technological innovations in existing production. Improvement of structures, mechanisms, khim. formulations.
-introduction of new technologies, communication, improved software interface equipment.

-studied in depth the manufacture
-launched the plot of laser cutting and engraving from sketch to vector control program//finished products
-studied corel draw
directly ran the manufacture of metal cabinets and fixtures.
-worked on the launch of the new production.
-studied 1 c Enterprise v. 8
-moved with the team administration.
-replaced the head of TCI
-replaced the Chief of production
-gleaned and adapted for new employees
-operational management of production, the collective, networking with related entities.
-command coordination via radio and Internet connections on mobile platforms, staff
-exploring and working with polymers: Polycarbonate, ABS, polystyrene, PVC, acrylic, organic polyester and epoxy resins and their solvents.
-study of the chemistry of SURFACTANTS, acids.
-developed a device for manual assembly line mechanization.
-designed production scheme
-researched market to find opportunities to develop new products, produced by the forces of the company.
-initiation and a making expirience works.
May 2014currently
5 years 7 months
ZAO "Energomash (Belgorod)-BZEM"


Industrial Equipment, Machine Tools and Components... Show more

Engineer Technologist in Chief Technologist Department
Processing design and technological documentation in PLM Team Wednesday Center launch in Enginering production and fabrication shops on route and stations of the enterprise orders in the following areas:
1. Oil production-energy engineering. Details of sheet, structural metal, tubes, forgings. Assemblies type collector, drums, blocks pipe panels.
2. Press-forging production. Forging flange type (fittings, manholes, roads, buildings, valves, etc.), bruskov with thickness up to 400 mm and above.
3. Production: the whole cycle manufacturers for pipes and TPP
and sverleno-forged) pipe diameters s 245-f 830 with wall thickness of 22 mm and more solid and broaching method
b) seamless tubes of electroslag smelting (JeShV) s 273-920 mm.
4. A branch of manufacture of non-standard equipment and tooling to implement and own needs.
Preparation of technological documentation of manufacturing positions and orders nodes when interacting with:
Design departments, Industries, groups, training, procurement, production planning department and production. As well as technological services: machining, heat treatment, Assembly, welding, Matthew, technologists on the metal non-metallic coatings and preparing \ surfaces.
Travel to control fulfillment of obligations by third-party enterprises manufacturing operations on our products.
Self-administration of technological projects on the above areas under the coordination of separate groups of technical experts. Travel in Podolsk with the aim of process control manufacturing operations "on the side" with the subsequent receipt of the finished product.
Participation in the optimization and improvement of order and interaction of the above groups Wednesday in the PLM (Product Lifecycle Management) Team Center Engineering (Siemens) with the development and introduction of the new automated workflow module ( Technological preparation of production), in consequence of that-significant acceleration of work and production processes.
April 2016May 2016
2 months


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hunter / engineer
Duties and responsibilities:
Be sure to call the base knowledge of conversational and technical English. Working with foreigners in the region through the Pan-and without an interpreter.
1. work with the market of Chinese industry to collect and receive targeted information.
2. communication with perdstavitelstvami plants on the territory of China through exhibitions, telephony, Internet, e-mail, etc.
3. Collection of information on markets, opportunities to work with the RUSSIAN FEDERATION, the number and area of the enterprise, the most popular spectrum models, price categories first and secondary qualities of manufactured products.
4. the holding of business meetings, dinners with uglubneniem partnership, elaboration and realization of the needs of both parties.
5. Visiting and familiarizing with the territories productions companies \представительств\торговых \ warehouses.
6. working with engineering and technical personnel of missions on the Assembly, manufacture, testing, packaging and completeness of the purchased equipment.
7. Final negotiations on the basis of information previously received on balansnomu weighted prices\quality.
8. transfer of processed data, information management.
9. Mobile moving by car, rail, air transport
February 2014May 2014
4 months
ZAO "Energomash (Belgorod)-BZEM"


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Specialist-distributor works
Manufacture of bellows expansion joints as connecting elements of pipes.
Duties and functions:
1) planning, organization and monitoring of the issuance is replaceable-subsistence jobs. The holding of such briefings and meetings with workers. Transmission shifts.
2) ensuring smooth and rhythmic work of the plot. Organization of cooperation with related industries
3) control, and documentation to achieve: safe working conditions at the production site, \распределению\использованию, to obtain equipment health equipment and means of production.
4) participate in shaping sustainable and favourable psychological climate.
Achievements: gain experience in management. Number of subordinates to change the 28 people. Internships at the company, and working in production. Experience in dealing with critical situations in the mode "pressed for time".
January 2013February 2014
1 year 2 months
Belgorod Mining Machinery Plant


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Master of production plant
Duties and responsibilities:
Leadership workshop (manufacturing method of mechanical, thermal treatments, casting method) metalwork (+ drilling), mechanical (+ press), grinding, sharpening, vulcanizing and thermal (+ foundry) plots) in shifts.
1. planning the daily production in accordance with the monthly plan. Issuance of replacement production jobs, their collection. Monitoring of the implementation. Meetings-such briefings with workers at the beginning and end of the work shift.
2. ensuring work supplies, measurement and cutting tool, normative documentation-drawings and technical processes.
3. Planning and plot preparations and supplying a lot of preproduction. Ensuring mutual cooperation of industrial sites.
4. Monitoring of workplaces, equipment. Preparation of nomenclature documents concerning the technical inspection of equipment, taking into account the safety briefings, issuance of replacement jobs, the log balance of hard alloy and its processing.
5. accounting work performed production assignment control closed standards. hours in database ' ARM business ".
6. the organization receiving \ putting tv. alloy in Central tool warehouse and pantry supplies.
7. registration cards inappropriate products, acts on marriage irrelevant details of the subsequent filing of TCI staff
8. the Organization obtain the CIC wealth according to the requirements of overhead.
9. Creating and maintaining a favorable psychological climate
Work experience in a supervisory position complex production shop. Number of subordinates 30 people.
Address critical situations in time mode.
Applying tactics is comprehensible for the performers, in-depth planning based on the principle of priority of triple-more than a month ahead. The starting point was a deficit of 15% on average. Using consistently our tactics we have formed reserve a month in advance on the main serial lines. Valuation of warehouse unfinished and finished products on there ranged from 200 to 650 thousands rubles
Nice to know the marks of domestic and their foreign (equivalents) steels and heat treatment modes.
2 months he served as head of the plot. Led cycle production. drilling tools. Experience in the field of heat treatment and casting of steel and non-metallic materials in simple molds
July 2011July 2012
1 year 1 month
Armored forces of the russian federation, 58 army, military unit part of field mail 66431


Government Organizations... Show more

Operator-topogeodezist of howitzer-self-propelled artillery battery (full time)
Perform combat missions, consisting of artillery batteries, at the big time and deficit high liability for timeliness and accuracy of data prepared for firing artillery shells. Working with topogeodesic equipment survey provodenie battle-order binding, data preparation for firing fire control on the unit.
In the course of combat activities-working with survey map, tables, fire appliances and computers to calculate data using tables. Responsibility for the health and readiness of appliances and equipment to work, their condition and maintenance.
Need to quickly perceive and understand written, aural and Visual information; quickly and accurately perform arithmetic, quickly take in mind long to store information in memory; be disciplined, neat work, be able to maintain operability in emergency conditions, lack of time, under the action of strong stimuli, and in tense situations; possess stamina to intense and prolonged mental activity, have movable fingers and the ability to quickly and precisely manipulate them.
He served as Commander of the Department of cell battery senior officer. Experience in command of the platoon.
Mastered topogeodezista-operator specialty and artillery appliance ПАБ-2A. Showed the best exam results in the topogeodezion Division. Set-off battery firing at army winter 58 rated 5, 4, 5. Obtaining a badge "guard"; For service in the Caucasus " in military ID.
January 2011March 2011
3 months
ОАО «RSK MIG», machine-building plant


Heavy Engineering... Show more

Special tooling technician (trainee) (full time)
Responsibilities and achievements:
The creation and translation of electronic data packages design and technological documentation on paper.
Mastered solid modeling special equipment for processing aircraft components in the 3D Compass Wednesday and NX Unigraphics. Development of machining processes in NX CAM Wednesday.
Developed the technology for the graduation project. Acquainted with the structure of the company, its divisions, products. Clearly studied the production process. Experience as a technologist-technician.
June 2010July 2010
2 months
ZAO "Energomash (Belgorod)-BZEM" machine-building plant


Power Industry... Show more

Trainee intern piping design Department (full time)
Developed in the university course project . Learned to create drawings according to internal standards of the company. Acquainted with design guidance documents.
June 2009July 2009
2 months
ZAO "Energomash (Belgorod)-BZEM" machine-building plant


Power Industry... Show more

Trainee intern piping design Department (full time)
The study of normative documentation of pipelines; developed a technology for undergraduate course work; acquainted with the structure of the enterprise and the work of the design department.
January 2009June 2009
6 months
ZAO "NetByNet" Internet provider


IT, System Integration, Internet... Show more

Commercial agent (Manager) (part-time)
Interaction with individuals (users) on financial matters (advice on payment of services, tariff plan, etc.)
Reverse Web callback Subscribers on request
Processing in the database (billing) from subscribers
Domestic interaction with departments of the company.
Working with documents
January 2007June 2009
2 years 6 months
Individual entrepreneur, production of metal constructions, non-standard equipment


Metallurgy, Metalwork... Show more

Fitter assembler (part-time)
Design of steel structures-type wrought iron gates, railings, fences, benches, gazebos, window and balcony railings, staircases and railings, canopies.
Cutting and preparation of blanks for subsequent machining, cold and hot deformation.
Assembly \ welding.
Cleaning of abrasive materials.
Finish stripping.
June 2008July 2008
2 months
Branch Of Llc Gazprom Transgaz Moscow "Belgorod Linear-production control of main pipelines


Industrial Equipment, Machine Tools and Components... Show more

Locksmith to repair of technological equipment (Intern) (full time)
Disassembly, repair and Assembly of complex installations machines, apparatus, machinery, pipes, valves and delivery mechanisms. Metalwork machining of parts and assemblies. Disassembly, repair and Assembly of components and equipment in the face of hard and dense planting. Technical examination of equipment.
Learned and device design features sophisticated equipment; technological sequence and the Organization of work in the repair, Assembly, installation of equipment; all kinds of used in the repair of materials; How to determine the premature wear of parts; static and dynamic balancing machines; build complex geometry markup; How to restore worn parts; methods of repair of equipment and apparatus working under high pressure.
To acquaint with the process piping and valving. Familiarity with the structure of the enterprise and the exploitation of pipelines.

Key skills

kompas 3d
Unigraphics NX
automated working position (APM)
Adobe Acrobat
leadership team
competent speech
3d modeling
MS Office
Touch typing
english language
product lifecycle management
Neurolinguistic programming (basic)
1c:production 8.3
Unated system technological documentation(Russia)
long and medium term planning
cold calls
Presentation skills

About me

Industrial-technological, managerial experience:
-direct knowledge of metalworking technology steels, heat treatment, Assembly, welding, coating, packaging.
-experience with composite materials and glass fiber plastics, research tawdry steels.
-coating technology, organic resins, epoxy-polyester, polymers and their solvents-polycarbonate, polystyrene,
Acrylic nitrile Butadienestyrene, polyamide, polyacryl, PolyVinilChloride, their casting processing, knowledge of moulds.
-easily go to contact, I set up my dating, quick learning ability, diligence, initiative;
negotiation skill, business correspondence, memoranda, technical and technological solutions.
-the ability to defend its point of view, to motivate.
-Delivered speech.
-the desire to develop as a specialist;
-ability to take decisions and assume responsibility, planning, speed reading skills;
-attention to detail, ability to work with large amounts of information.
-organizational skills (Organization of student activities Office, the martial manual workers, organization of production and technological processes, the Organization of corporate events)
-own professions locksmith, welder, painter, collector, a blacksmith.
-military ID badges, "guard", "for service in the Caucasus"
-experience in direct sales cold calls
-no bad habits
-search experience for foreign suppliers
-system and critical thinking, use of reverse multi-pass combinations to achieve goals.
-Group management, teamwork, management team.
evaluation, analysis, mathematical modeling and CAD, decision-making, setting priorities. Compilation of the slotting plan, approval dates, strategies and tactics of the manufacturing processes.
-meeting the challenges
-constantly raise qualification, improve and try to use, systematizing the knowledge.

Higher education

Belgorod State Technological University. Name by V.G. Shukhov
Engineering in machinebuilding and robotic systems, Machinebuiding. (* Average 4.82/5 *) Computer technological preparation, organization and management of production.



EnglishC1 — Advanced

Professional development, courses

English language
Belgorod universal technical library, intermediate, intermediate
Polyglot 16-English
Polyglot 16, English spoken
Speed reading courses
"Yin-Yang" Belgorod, Speed Reading
Courses of welder
Belgorod state technological university, welder manual arc welding 3 level

Tests, examinations

Vocational guidance (test)
Belgorod State University, project manager, head of human resources

Citizenship, travel time to work

Citizenship: Russia

Permission to work: Russia

Desired travel time to work: Doesn't matter