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Male, 19 years, born on 8 January 2000

Kyiv, not willing to relocate, prepared for business trips

Junior Python Software Engineer

14 000 UAH

IT, Internet, Telecom
  • Software Development
  • Engineer
  • Analyst

Employment: part time, project work

Work schedule: flexible schedule, shift schedule, remote working

Work experience 10 months

September 2019September 2019
1 month
IT Doors
Machine Learning Consultant
I have experience advising the director of a company that deals with sanitary conditions of the premises on the implementation and creation of computer vision models for their products.
Communicated with the client, versed in the scope of their work and the possibility of introducing machine learning into their projects.
Explained and answered questions about neural networks and visual models for solving the problems of segmentation and objects detection, especially for solving their applied problems.
The director understood all aspects and pitfalls of the approaches and was completely satisfied and grateful for the consultation.
February 2019June 2019
5 months
Python developer
I worked in a team of 4 people on a voice assistant project for a desktop.
Tasks were distributed at Atlassian Jira. We constantly talked and discussed the details within the team, and also had excellent communication and feedback from the customer.
I personally dealt with part of speech recognition, phrase processing, as well as the implementation of various intellectual commands (used SpeechRecognition, PyTesseract, OpenCV, numpy, matplotlib, Flask, MongoDB).
Remarkably cunning with the team. There were no conflicts. The customer was completely satisfied with the work.
February 2018May 2018
4 months

Web developer
In just a couple of days, I figured out an unfamiliar production system, architecture.

Communicated directly with the customer, director, easily established contact and cooperation.

I received abstract tasks from a customer far from programming, easily interpreted them in the software sphere and implemented them in the project. For the most part, it was the creation, addition and modification of ready-made web application modules.
The director was completely satisfied with the work done. As he told me (and you can trust him because he paid me :)) in the first days, as I added the changes, the number of customers increased, he sold several cars and was very happy.

Key skills

Machine Learning
Deep learning
Data structures
Math background
Django Framework

Driving experience

Driver's licence category B

About me

I am interested in working on various projects that include machine learning.

I have good mathematical, statistical knowledge, understanding of various algorithms, including machine learning algorithms. I took places at the olympiads at school and university.

I have excellent knowledge and experience using Python in a variety of fields. For example, all the neural networks and machine learning algorithms that I use in my scientific work are written on Python. I use numpy, pandas, matplotlib, PyTorch, Keras, tensorflow, scikit-learn, OpenCV, torchvision, SpeechRecognition, gensim, nltk, GCP and other packages and platforms. Also familiar with web frameworks (Django, Flask) and writing REST APIs (django-rest-framework), testing (unittest). Experimented with asynchronous, multiprocessing programming (asyncio, threading, multiprocessing, concurrent.futures).
Also I have good knowledge of Java (including Spring Boot, Spring Cloud), C# (including ASP.NET), JavaScript (including ReactJS), Matlab.

I know SQL well. I am familiar with various relational databases, such as MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle.

I have scientific publications in the journal “Electronic and Control Systems” about various neural networks. Participated in conferences "Intellectual systems and information technologies" (August 2019) and “Information systems and technologies” (September 2019) with my reports on various types of neural networks. Now we are investigating evolutionary algorithms for solving multicriteria optimization problems.

I love table tennis, although this is not a team sport, but is also useful. You are constantly in tension, in stress (of course, someone constantly pounding a ball at you! :) ), but you still need to think quickly. I play well, as you understand, I can easily cope with these problems :)
Seriously, my resistance to stress and tension is strong. I study at the university with ease and enthusiasm, I hand over all projects to deadlines and have a lot of free time for self-improvement, development in the scientific field of machine learning and learning state-of-the-art technologies.

I would like to work in an active, sociable, inspired team, I am always ready to improve my knowledge, apply it in practice, and learn something new, just be in motion.

By the way, I have a driver's license and I don’t drink alcohol, so I’m an indispensable colleague at parties and holidays :)

Since I am a student, I can only work part-time, about 20 hours a week, but you can believe me, this is very productive 20 hours.

Higher education (bachelor)

National Technical University of Ukraine “Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute”
Faculty of Informatics and Computer Technology, Software engineering



EnglishB2 — Upper Intermediate

UkrainianC2 — Proficiency

Citizenship, travel time to work

Citizenship: Ukraine

Permission to work: Ukraine

Desired travel time to work: Up to one hour