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Group DF International 

Group DF is a private international group of companies whose interests and assets range from energy and chemicals through to energy infrastructure and real estate.

Group DF is the international private holding company of prominent Ukrainian businessman Dmitry Firtash.

Among the entities controlled by Group DF, the following companies play key roles:

  • Centragas, which in turn owns a 50% stake in gas distribution and trading company RosUkrEnergo
  • Emfesz, a Hungarian energy trading and service provider
  • Zangas, a pipeline construction company
  • OSTCHEM Holding AG, a holding company for a number of chemicals companies in Eastern Europe encompassing mineral fertilisers, organic acids, titanium dioxide and soda ash

Group DF plans further rapid expansion, particularly in the acquisition of energy assets and large scale infrastructure projects, and seeks to be a leader in each of the fields in which it operates.

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