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Stuzo is a creative technology company that specializes in the development and integration of innovative, user-centric social marketing platforms, programs, and applications, supporting global brands and agencies in achieving targeted marketing results within social channels.  Stuzo has an international presence with headquarters in Philadelphia, and satellite offices in Toronto, and Kiev.

Stuzo has been social from day one, developing social applications since the first day the Facebook Platform launched back in May of 2007, when Facebook had a mere 25 million users.  Stuzo was one of the first 10 Facebook Application Developers, developing some of the leading first-generation consumer facing social applications such as My Heritage, Sports Fan, and Compliments.  Each of our applications broke engagement and user records that year.

In 2008, Stuzo launched the Win Big Platform, the first iteration of the Stuzo Social Engagement Platform.  This groundbreaking sweepstakes and contest platform launched within the Facebook Platform to bring enterprise-level promotions to Facebook's increasing number of top-tier advertisers.

In 2009, Stuzo continued innovating, expanding operations internationally, and were chosen as one of the 14 inaugural consultants for the Facebook Preferred Developer Consultant Program.

Today, Stuzo offers a full suite of services and technologies.  In less than 3 years, Stuzo has launched nearly 200 custom social marketing programs and counting, serving over 100 leading global brands and agencies.

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