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Youngsan has been achieving a continuous growth as a pioneer of production, trading and distribution in the markets of Africa and East Europe including Russia and CIS countries since its early years as Youngsan Corporation, which was established in April, 1999 in Vienna, Austria. Starting from Korea and Ukraine in 2004, Youngsan has established a global network of 21 regions in 12 countries by incorporation including Slovakia and Russia in 2007, Kazakhstan and South Africa in 2009, Mali in 2011, and Ivory Coast in 2012.

Youngsan is a growing company centralized in the field of production, trading and distribution, and provides a new standard in global business with our management system to create new values. We possess the best human resources in the field of automobile KD and Sales of complete vehicles such as sedans, special vehicles, and military vehicles, and offer the optimal solutions to customers through our global network.

Yongsan captured greater market shares by establishing production bases in Korea(Jeonju region), Russia, Mali, Mozambique and many others around the world for markets in Eastern Europe, Russia and CIS countries, and for markets in Africa with infinite potentials. We achieved great results by supplying complete vehicles and selling vehicle components to Africa and Europe.