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ООО 20 Thousand Leagues


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Руководитель проекта

ООО 20 Thousand Leagues

20 Thousand Leagues is an artificial intelligence gaming company incorporated in Estonia in August, 2018. The founder and CEO is Simon Kaastrup-Olsen, and the co-founder and CFO is Yuri Ilyin. Both are serial entrepreneurs and have started companies and between them have raised several millions of dollars in their previous ventures in EU and USA.

20 Thousand Leagues is a technology services & product company. The foundation of the business is on key technologies around Machine Learning, Computer Vision, Artificial Intelligence and Augmented Reality.

The aim of the company is to sell its SaaS platform to gamers around the world, as well as help gaming companies with improving and speeding up the time-to-market for game development companies.

The technology platform consists of computer vision, genetic algorithms and natural language processing to assist and advance a market of 100+ million monthly active users.

20 Thousand Leagues is a Danish-founded gaming company incorporated in Tallinn, Estonia.

The company’s headquarters is located in Kiev, Ukraine and has a representative entity in Copenhagen, Denmark and plans to have offices in Berlin, Germany within the year.

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