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Span is a reliable IT partner with worldwide experience in digital business transformation that will effectively shift Ukrainian business to modern automated solutions.
For 25 years, we are devoted to software development, service and system integration. More than 200 customers use our services and solutions across five continets and 100 countries.. 
Span monitors 2,000 servers, and we are especially proud of the fact that we manage to remove most of the problems before the customer or end user notice them.
The success of our new infrastructure solutions is proven by many satisfied users of completed projects in Croatia, Western Europe, Asia and the United States. Quality and safety of business is further guaranteed by ISO certification: ISO 9001, ISO/IEC 20000 and ISO/IEC 27001. 
Our growth is constant year by year according to all major business indicators.. Span Group employs more than 400 people, and this number is also constantly growing. More that 250 of our employees have one or more professional certificates.

You can see more about us here - https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=1&v=eqp0nl1Y9Fs

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