ИП SWIDOM Уперяка М.Е. 


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ИП SWIDOM Уперяка М.Е. 

SWIDOM is the largest end-to-end international blockchain agency based in Kyiv, focused on fundraising and service providing. We are experts in building communication with all types of projects and companies.

We help ambitious teams to raise capital in three key areas - ICO, STO and VC, raised more than $150m for projects like NAGA, BANKEX, and many others in both public and private sales.

As a strategic consulting agency, we develop strategies for token sale, marketing and PR, set up business objectives, execution plan, and then select and work with best service providers to meet the project’s goals.

With our network of over 200 service providers worldwide, we cover all services from business development and community management to security and legal services.

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