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Jellyfish team provides with full cycle of web development, we can take your idea from the very beginning and convert it into successful project. We create stable web product which can satisfy any needs of our client, starting from startups to big companies. We use the most stable, but also innovative technologies. 
We are experts in following technologies: 
- Python (Django, Flask) 
- TypeScript (Angular) 
- SQL and noSQL (PostgreSQl, MongoDB) 
Docker, Redis, Memcached, Elasticsearch, 3d party APIs, SoketIO, HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap, SASS/LESS. 

Our expertise is creation of perfect REST APIs. 

We use the most effective development methodology as Agile, that's why we deliver result always in time. We care about your time and budget, using of methodologies helps us to save you both :) 
Our main goal is to create the perfect product that fulfills all needs of our client.
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