ООО Lucidica 


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ООО Lucidica 

Lucidica is made up of a team of experienced engineers and office support staff based in London, offering a fun, friendly approach to IT support for small businesses.

The main areas of technology we cover include:

  • IT Support 
    On call 24-hours a day: whatever your IT problem is, we’ll sort it
  • Consulting
    What technology to buy, where to buy it, and how to get it working
  • Cloud & Hosting
    Dependable, flexible and hassle-free hosting
  • Websites & CRM’s
    From SEO to CRM’s we aim to help you make the right decisions

Technology should make small businesses more money, not waste their time. Whether it’s a crashed computer that’s holding you up, you’re in need of a whole new network or some staff training, we offer you peace of mind.


We started small ourselves – as a one-man-band, in fact, when founder and Chief Technology Officer Thomas Jeffs began helping local businesses in London with computer support while he was studying at University College London in 1999.  Thomas discovered he loved empowering businesses use technology more effectively to help them grow, and turned his passion into a business.

Since then, Thomas has amassed an enormous amount of personal experience in helping over 1000 small and medium businesses solve their IT problems.  He’s gathered a team of expert engineers and support staff to help him deliver his vision. We’ve built on Thomas’ philosophy of fun, friendly and reliable IT support at extremely good value.

Welcome to the bit about us!


http://www.lucidica.com/blog/small-business/our-values-how-we-got-there/ - more info

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