ИП Каминский , ФЛП 


Сферы деятельности

Информационные технологии, системная интеграция, интернет

Я хочу тут работать

ИП Каминский , ФЛП 

We´re a team of digital natives with deep retail and banking expertise, backed by Europe´s leading early stage investors.

We have main office in Hamburg, there located project owners
and marketing department. All production team working remotely and
mainly form Eastern Europe.

 We handling code of project in github.
Team have project manager, who manage work inside, tracking tickets in github.
We paying hourly and using hubstaff tracker to track worked time. Salary is
oce a month, every 1st.
 We signing nda contract + contract with conditions
 Working hours are close to standard European working hours: 8am-6pm gmt+2


Frontend developer-

Styles written on SCSS + Compass framework,Html5,Bootstrap3,Twig,Coffeescript,Symfony 2.8
In addition js frameworks:backbone.js, underscore.js, marionette.js

Fullstack developer

Main:PHP 5.3-5.5(6+),Symfony(now using 2.8)
In addition js frameworks:backbone.js, underscore.js, marionette.jscoffeeScript

Project Manager 

4+PM, 45h in week,Scrum,Kanban,English-fluent

QA Manual 



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