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About us

The history of our business goes back to the year 1969, with the start of a logistics consulting company resulting in different ventures in logistics and transportation until we decided to redefine Freight Audit & Payment at the start of the century.

ControlPay was founded in 2002 to assist with the control of freight costs and the processing of invoices of large multinationals with complex logistics structures. From the start we understood the need of cloud-based solutions that would enable us to deliver services anywhere in the world in a flexible and cost effective fashion.

ControlPay’s strong heritage in logistics and roots in the freight forwarding industry has allowed us to become the largest Freight Audit company in Europe, as well as a key global provider.

We have a truly international reach and business network with offices in tThe Netherlands, Ukraine, Germany, Spain, Brazil. USA and Asia. A growing staff of over 275 people and advanced technologies empower us to serve customers in the Automotive, Industrial, Consumer, Pharma and Healthcare industries.

What our customers like the most about us is our strong logistics approach, the high level of detail and flexibility and our pro-active approach towards the carriers. ControlPay is a highly efficient Freight Audit provider that is driven by cost savings and the value of the perfectly accurate and actionable logistics data that we deliver to our clients. Our logistics intelligence drives savings, efficiency and value in Logistics, Finance and Operations.


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Our Solutions


Spot Bidding
Our easy to use spot bidding tool allows shippers to invite carriers to bid on a specific shipment. Although many shippers have contracts and rate cards in place, there is often still a need to have the flexibility to make use of the spot market. ControlPay has recognized the needs of many multinationals to be flexible in handling spot shipments without spending too much time on the process.


Freight Tendering
In partnership with TenderTool, ControlPay offers a cloud-based freight tender solution for the Road, Air and Ocean modes. The platform is fully web-based and is very easy to use thanks to its advanced technology.

Business Intelligence

ControlPay has been offering and perfecting dashboards, customizable reports and deep analytics via our Business Intelligence services for more than 10 years.
In the last decade, visibility and business intelligence have taken great steps in popularity. Simple reporting has been replaced by Business Intelligence services. Our development process never stops and we keep adding new features and reports to bring high quality actionable data to the fingertips of our customers.

Rate Calculator

Rate Management
The ControlPay Rate Calculator is an advanced tool that allows your staff to find the lowest cost of a shipment by entering the required data. The tool provides real-time feedback and allows your staff to take instant decisions on price where it used to take hours or even days. This tool can save an enormous amount of money on your shipping costs, not to mention the work hours of your employees. ControlPay has over 15 years of experience in rate management and maintenance. Over the years, we have implemented thousands of carrier rates globally which has resulted in a wealth of knowledge and a best-practice approach in our respective services.


Freight Audit
ControlPay provides comprehensive Freight Audit services via our unique web-based audit platform. Our services are powered by deep logistics knowledge and can be custom-tailored to the needs of multinational customers. We support clients both on a European and global scale. Our web-based audit platform is supplemented by highly professional audit teams (that work in close cooperation with your Logistics and Finance departments).


The philosophy of ControlPay is based on deep logistics knowledge in contrast with other audit or post-audit providers who have been traditionally more focused on payments and invoices, ControlPay very much focuses on the logistics data. This approach has led to a highly efficient process and 100% waterproof audit whether it be pre-audit or post-audit. Customers know that we will always get to the bottom of an issue and that we are very driven to rule out any repetitive problems. Efficiency and optimization is also one of our top priorities, making every process as easy-to-use as possible for all involved parties.


Our main objective and driving goal is to support multinationals in their continuous endeavor for control of and insights in freight costs. ControlPay provides a robust service offering of different audit and consultancy solutions in process optimization and cost savings.

What vacancies you can find in ControlPay?

We provide the automated services of freight audit to the Сlients all over the world. This means that we are looking for Operational specialists to perform data processing, analysis as well as for IT specialists to develop and maintain the platform for our services.

We are a product company with a complex domain mainly dealing with data processing. Desire to handle big amounts of data is crucial on almost every position in ControlPay.

Process of selection

Vacancy search / selection

All our open positions you may find here on ‘Vacancies’ page, or on our corporate web site in Careers section.
You can also contact our HR Team to get more details about the opportunities in ControlPay via writing at vacancies@controlpay.com


When you’ve found an interesting position for you, apply via responding to the selected vacancy and send us your CV.
If your skills and experience meet our selection criteria, we will contact you and invite to an in-house interview.
In case you lack some of the listed in our description requirements, but still want to apply, please additionally provide us with your cover letter explaining why you could be a good fit to our company.


At the first in house interview, we aim to get acquainted, understand what are your expectations from the current job search and provide you with more details about the company and position under question.

Basic School Training

To give you some insights on the company work we introduced a practice of sharing our workflows and business specifics with all the potential candidates in a form of a training program, which is also one of the selection stages.
When you successfully pass the in-house interview with our recruiters, you get invited to our 2 days training program ‘Basic School Training’.
On the first day you receive detailed information about the company, position, functional responsibilities and tasks that our employee deal with every day.
On the second day you receive a test on the previously provided material to evaluate your fast learning ability and the company fit.

*IT Vacancies

For IT Vacancies the process of selection may differ and exclude the Basic School Training on the recruitment stage, but it will be available for the newcomers as part of adaptation program.


If you pass all the above-mentioned steps successfully ControlPay makes you a job offer and you join the team :)


ControlPay will provide every new team-member with special training program aiming to accelerate the process of settlement in the company.

What we offer

Dynamic business environment

Long-term employment

Competitive compensation level

Health care

Corporate Social Responsibility

TulSun Foundation

For long ControlPay has been committed to support children in need in Ukraine and has supported children at orphanages in the past. And in September 2016 Karel Kinds (ControlPay President) established TulSun Foundation, with the main idea to help children in Ukraine.

The Foundation implements this idea in four ways: adoption, education & sport, volunteering and help & support.

Hence, by working in ControlPay you will have a positive influence on the well-being of orphans in Ukraine.

Let's connect

For more details don't hesitate to contact our recruiters directly at vacancies@controlpay.com or via any of the social media channels

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