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Percona Inc 

Percona Inc was started in August 2006 by  Peter Zaitsev and Vadim Tkachenko  with ambition to help businesses with their MySQL Databases and LAMP Applications in areas of Architecture Design, Scaling, Performance Optimization, High Availability and Operations.

Since our start we used our expertise to help over 100 of customers with their respective needs and  were joined by in our consulting practice by Aurimas Mikalauskas, Macej Dobrzanski and Alexey Kovyrin

.All our consultants have significant background in designing implementing and running High Performance MySQL based Web applications and have great general computer science background.  You can find out more about each of our consultants in Our Team section.

Besides our consulting practice we have a passion of developing web projects on our own or in partnerships. Currently we're working on ClickAider - click tracking solution for publishers and BoardReader - Forum Search Engine. We also sponsor development of Sphinx - Full Text Search Engine for database content, develop various MySQL tools and extensions, publish MySQL PerformanceBlog  and speak on MySQL and Web Scaling related conferences.

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