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Dukascopy Bank SA 

Dukascopy Bank SA is a Swiss company domiciled in Geneva, regulated as a bank by the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority FINMA.

Dukascopy renders foreign exchange trading services and other, more classical banking services worldwide to clients of the retail and institutional (companies, banks, etc.) market.

The main activity of Dukascopy in foreign currency trading, its advanced technology and its capacity to adapt and innovate represent valuable assets which help to navigate in a banking environment where business and operating models taken for granted are now called into question, and where banks are asked to rethink their value propositions.

Dukascopy owns and runs a fully automated trading platform (ECN) named SWFX – Swiss Forex Marketplace accessible through the Internet which clients can log on to trade on the foreign exchange market. Foreign exchange services offered by Dukascopy are limited to margin trading on currencies and precious metals, with or without leverage. Dukascopy ensures daily settlement of trading profits and losses with its clients, without delivering the underlying traded currencies.

During this year as a bank in Switzerland, Dukascopy continued its strategy to develop and invest in technology,new products and services, human resources, and markets forthe benefit of its clients and business partners.

Dukascopy employs around 200 employees in its Geneva Headquarters, its European subsidiary situate in Latvia, its Representative Offices in Latvia, Ukraine and Hong Kong.

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